Paradosie (paráðosi), The Legacy

Agrilis and the fairy tales castle

Fairy tales castle – Adjacent to the town of Filiatra in Messinia Greece, is Agrilis. It is a seaside resort, renowned for its picturesque beauty and stunning sunsets. When the sun falls into the Ionian Sea, Agrilis can impress even the most skeptical visitor. Among Agrilis’ must see sites are the Byzantine era ornate church, the old windmill and the characteristic fairy tales castle. What is widely known about Agrilis’ name, is that it is derived from the word Agrilia (Greek: Αγριλιά), meaning wild olive tree. Due to the abundance of wild olive trees around the local harbor, that showed a significant activity during medieval times, it seems like a fair name.

Nevertheless, there is another myth about the history of the name, that comes from a period in time when the Franks ruled the area and Agrilis was part of the Barony of Arcadia. This is the story behind the fairy tales castle. It was around 1265 A.D, and the Frankish knight Villain d’Aulnay ruled the barony from his castle in Arcadia (modern Kyparissia).