6 reasons to use olive oil

    6 reasons to add olive oil to your diet

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    When talking about the Mediterranean diet as one of the healthiest nutritional habits, we basically refer to the systematic use of extra virgin olive oil in our food. Olive oil has been proven to significantly improve our overall health. High in antioxidants, an intestine-soother and digestion-booster, it is an immune system enhancer with all its anti-inflammatory properties. 6 reasons are as follows:

    • Cardio-protective action is one of the most characteristic points of using it (because it contains substances like tocopherol – vitamin E – phenols-oleocarbon). The FDA has issued an announcement claiming that 2 tablespoons of olive oil contributes to reducing the likelihood of coronary artery disease and, more generally, to the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system.
    • The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant substances it contains help reduce the likelihood of various forms of cancer. The research process is in progress and more enlightening results are expected.
    • For anti-aging properties, as its antioxidant action prevents the growth of free radicals which are responsible for chronic diseases and aging itself. It helps reduce mental degradation and improves the deposition of salts on the bones.
    • It smooths the digestive function of the body and improves chronic constipation (influencing the secretion of pancreatic fluid and the reduction of secretion of hydrochloric acid).
    • Helps glucose metabolism in diabetics, reduces LDL and especially postprandial proteins.
    • Children’s diet. Οlive oil has similar characteristics to breast milk and it is recommended to provide a teaspoon during weaning. It also helps to prevent childhood obesity as it is considered to be using good vegetable fat while reducing the use of animal fat.

    Olive oil is the cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet and can be used easily in all your cooking. Our family uses around five liters of Paradosie Extra Virgin Olive Oil a month. You can poor it generously into practically everything, from fish, pasta, veggies, sauces, to cakes. Combine it with lemon and oregano and you have an amazing steak sauce!



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